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August 12, 2009

GCS Research is pleased to announce that Dr. Alex Philp, Founder and President of GCS Research, has been re-appointed to a third term on the Governor's Land Information Advisory Council.  The Governor's office issued a press release announcing various appointments on August 5, 2009.

Having served previously under the Schweitzer administration, Dr. Philp serves as a private sector representative on the "Land Council," working specifically on policy recommendations for GIS activity in Montana, development of long-term, sustainable funding mechanisms, and advanced GIS technologies of potential interest to local, state, federal, tribal, and private sector interests.  Dr. Philp meets quarterly with the other members of the Land Council and has done so over the course of many years.

Dr. Philp sees his role on the Council as an expression of his belief and commitment to service as a member of the National Jesuit Honor Society (Alpha Sigma Nu), based upon his undergraduate experience at Seattle University.  Service to community, along with scholarship and loyalty, are the guidling ethical principals of Alpha Sigma Nu.  "Service on various levels was ingrained in us as students at Seattle Univeristy," states Dr. Philp.  "Life-long service is a commitment we made as a member of Alpha Sigma Nu."

"I am honored to have been appointed by Governor Schweitzer for another term of service on the Land Council," states Dr. Philp.  "I hope I can continue to be of value to the GIS community in Montana and help drive the implemention of effective GIS policy."

Dr. Philp was also involved in crafting the initial job description for the State of Montana Geographic Information Officer position, currently held by Mr. Robin Trenbeath, and has worked closely with Mr. Stu Kirkpatrick, State GIS Coordinator, on a variety of GIS activities in Montana. 

Dr. Philp also serves as a volunteer Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board for the Rocky Mountain Supercomputing Centers (RMSC), a private, non-profit corporation formed as a public-private partnership between the State of Montana and IBM. RMSC is dedicated to the realization and benefits of a High Performance Computing (HPC) network capacity across Montana for collaborative government, academic, and business activity.

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