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April 22, 2009

GCS Research is pleased to announce a highly successful conference on April 22, 2009, "Global Food Security Challenges:  Monitoring Earth Resources." 

GCS Research was honored to be chosen as a co-sponsor of the event along with USDA FAS and Global Marketing Insights. 

Emphasis was placed upon continued and expanded multi-agency collaboration; interdisciplinary approaches to environmental security involving the geopolitical implication of food security; utilization of GIS, remote sensing data fusion and geospatial SOA technologies by USDA and its partners were highlighted; successful demonstrations and applications of USDA FAS projects involving crop monitoring and productivity assessment in Iraq.

Speaker Presentations Available Here:

Speakers Included:

Colonel Stephen J. Lunch, JCS, J5 SIAD, DoD Pentagon
Carl J. Stukerjuergen, Director, eGEOINT, NGA
Jack Hild, Deputy Director, Source Operations and Management, NGA
Compton Tucker, Senior Earth Scientist, Global Climate Change, NASA
Gary Eilerts, Program Manager, USAID FEWS-NET
The USDA FAS, Agriculture Counselor/Baghdad
Maurice House, Deputy Administrator, USDA FAS Office of Global Analysis
Dr. Bradley Doorn, Division Director, USDA FAS Office of Global Analysis
Robert Tetrault, Program Manager, USDA FAS Office of Global Analysis

The day began with a focus on: Global Food Security Challenges with speakers from the Pentagon, NGA and the USDA presenting the US and World Market Challenges;

Next topic of discussion focused upon: Government Collaboration the key to overcoming Global Food Security challenges with a panel representing USDA FAS, NGA and USAID FEWS-NET;

Last session focused upon: Government Policy, Solutions and Research for World Food Security Challenges with speakers from the USDA, NASA and the US State Department.