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October 22, 2007

Please join GCS Research at GEOINT 2007 and see how GeoMarc ® is helping commercial and government customers manage geospatial imagery assets across large enterprise workflows, improving seamless collaboration, ensuring actionable GEOINT, verifying authenticity, and revolutionizing thematic display of mission critical metadata.

GeoMarc 2.0 Desktop and Server technologies will be showcased along with key customer demonstrations. 

GeoMarc® is the world's first implementation of geospatial digital watermarking designed specifically for the geospatial industry.  Available for server production environments and desktop exploitation applications such as ESRI's ArcGIS, GeoMarc provides a set of tools to embed mission critical information into image pixels for copyright protection, automated metadata connectivity, vector data linking, thematic display and layer creation, integrated web services, and persistent georeferencing of geospatial imagery. 

GeoMarc extends your data across the geospatial enterprise, helping your organization manage and share geospatial intelligence in revolutionary ways.  GeoMarc functions as "geospatial DNA," storing the metadata in the pixels and making your imagery inherently smart.