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January 22, 2007

"A pandemic flu outbreak is one of many threats facing critical infrastructures in the Pacific Northwest. Unlike other threats, a pandemic outbreak does not directly impact physical or cyber assets, rather it impacts the workforce.  In the event of a pandemic outbreak the workforce will be diminished significantly. Not only are physical and cyber assets vital to the continued operation of critical infrastructures, infrastructure sector employees play an essential role in the successful operation of infrastructure. Thus, in addition to preparing for threats to physical and cyber assets, infrastructure sectors must prepare for threats to their workforce, such as pandemic influenza"

January 11, 2007

Fed UC: Hottest Thing on the Floor

I'd heard of GCS Research, or thought I had, but when Tyler Otto, a salesperson told me about it GeoMarc technology I realized I didn't know the company - or the product. GeoMarc is technology to embed information in the pixels of an image, an invisible "watermark." What sort of information? Ownership information to track use of rights restricted imagery. Links to external documents that store say the different image manipulations the image has been through.

And, get this, the "watermark" stays with the image even if its converted to another form or printed and scanned back in!

The technology is actually a few years old, but is just out in its second (more mature) release.