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March 20, 2006

GCS Research is honored to have received the ESRI Business Partner of the Year Award for 2006.  GCS Research representatives Alex Philp and Mike Beltz received the award at the ESRI Business Partner Conference, which was held in Palm Springs, California. 

In the award declaration, ESRI stated:  "GCS Research LLC-Consultant, Developer, VAR - GCS Research LLC is a recognized leader in geospatial information technology providing connected "smart" applications, innovative extensions, and extensible, integrated Web services and assisting its clients in achieving their objectives. GCS's ArcGIS extension GeoMarc is the world's first implementation of digital watermarking technology designed specifically for the geospatial industry."

This is the second consecutive year where GCS Research has received the Business Partner of the Year award.  GCS Research was recognized for its on-going commitment to innovation and extending the value of the ESRI ArcGIS family of products.  Specifically, GCS Research's GeoMarc technology was noted as a pioneering advancement in geospatial data connectivity, security, and integrated geospatial services across the enterprise.

"We are extremely honored to have received the Business Partner of the Year Award for 2006," states Alex Philp, President of GCS Research.  "It is extremely helpful to be recognized by ESRI in consecutive years.  The award demonstrates our on-going commitment to geospatial information technology innovation and bringing this value to our customers."

GCS Research is committed to providing advanced geospatial solutions for its customers who utilize ESRI technology.  GCS Research anticipates a productive year of on-going growth and continued innovation associated with distributed geospatial applications.