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July 22, 2005

Custom Flash/ArcIMS Solution for the US Fish and Wildlife Service

Web Site:  US Fish and Wildlife Service Pacific Region 

At GCS Research, we find the best technologies available and combine them into innovative solutions for our customers, delivering unprecedented performance and custom functionality. To create a dynamic and engaging educational site for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, we combined the mapping power of ESRI server-side GIS technologies, with the intuitive and user-friendly interface capabilities of Macromedia Flash. In order to integrate these two components, we crafted a reusable .NET webservice to translate requests and act as a service oriented broker. The end result is a powerful and adaptable solution that marries the best attributes of these two great technologies.

Featured Technologies:

• GCS Research Custom Flash Interface
• GCS Research.NET Connector Webservice

• Macromedia Flash*
• Microsoft .NET Framework*
• Microsoft SQL Server*
• Microsoft IIS*

July 22, 2005
Press Release: GCS Research US Fish and Wildlife Service Flash ArcIMS Solution Showcased

GCS Research is pleased to announce that a custom Flash ArcIMS solution designed and delivered for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Pacific Region, has been recently showcased on their Web site. 

Given the on-going Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commemoration, the "Lewis and Clark:  The Lower Columbia Then and Now" project provides next-generation geospatial Web mapping performance and end-user experience.

GCS Research provided a custom Flash, .NET, and ArcIMS solution driven off an enterprise geodatabase supported by Microsoft SQL Server and ESRI ArcSDE technology. 

Please visit:  US Fish and Wildlife Service Pacific Region Web Site.

If your organization is interested in this level of performance and user experience for ArcIMS-ArcSDE enterprise solutions, please contact GCS Research.

July 19, 2005
Press Release: GCS Research Syndromic Surveillance Solution Highlighted by ESRI

The OTC Tracking System Overview of RODS

Healthy GIS - ESRI

Beginning in 2003, the School of Pharmacy at the University of Montana was awarded a grant from the Montana Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) to develop and implement a pharmaceutical sales tracking and surveillance system. The statewide effort was initiated by state epidemiologists and disease surveillance program directors at MDHHS. Given recent concerns regarding bioterrorism and emergent and infectious diseases, such as SARS, and a host of additional public health issues, the goal was to develop a Web-based application that would integrate seamlessly with the University of Pittsburgh’s Realtime Outbreak and Disease Surveillance (RODS) Laboratory’s daily OTC pharmaceutical sales data for participating stores in Montana. In sum, the overarching task was to design, develop, and implement a RODS-based solution that would enable Montana’s health care providers to monitor, track, and detect potential health threats based on abnormal patterns in pharmaceutical sales.

To read the full article, please download the PDF (story begins on page 5).