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August 21, 2004
Press Release: GCS Research Delivers Custom ArcIMS Solution for US Fish and Wildlife Service

GCS Research is proud to announce the delivery of a custom Internet mapping application for the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Designed as an educational portal, "Changes: The Lower Columbia River Then and Now" focuses on change within five US Fish and Wildlife refuges in the Lower Columbia River ecosystem.

Beginning with an overview of the landscape at the time of Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery (1805-1806), the website examines change in terms of landcover, wildlife, population, and historical cartography. Users of the site can explore each of these themes through an easy-to-use application designed to allow for comparisons between historical and modern conditions. Explanatory essays detail each geographical theme and provide an overview of the various national refuges observed by Lewis and Clark.

The website represents the combination of various technologies to achieve the desired experience required by US Fish and Wildlife Service. A custom Flash application provides the map controls and content presentation schema. A modified .NET connector allows the Flash viewer to call ArcIMS and ArcSDE services for the geospatial data. This unique combination of Flash, .NET and ArcIMS provides for efficient load times and a next-generation implementation of Internet mapping services.

In the future, GCS Research and the US Fish and Wildlife Service will be unveiling this web site in time for the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commemoration observance in Washington and Oregon (2005-2006). The website will also be included as significant contributions to the Geospatial One Stop website and ESRI's Lewis and Clark Bicentennial geography portal.

For more information about this project and how your organization can deliver a similar solution, please contact GCS Research.

Missoula, Montana Office: 406-532-3254
Portland, Oregon Office: 503-241-3100

August 2, 2004
Press Release: GCS Research Delivers LandView�: Custom Community-Based Wildland Fire Mitigation Mapping Tool


LandView is a custom Microsoft .NET "Smart" mapping application designed for the Montana Department of Natural Resources.

Developed to the exact specifications of fire managers and local community members in the Seeley-Swan watersheds, LandView functions as a stand-alone mapping and database edit-entry system for mitigation of wildland fire risk within the wildland-urban interface (WUI).

As a .NET application, LandView consumes dynamic geospatial Web services across the Internet, consuming the mapping functions and specific data layers from external servers. Locally, fire managers have the ability to modify a variety of spatial data features, manage tabular data, and query against client-side and distributed geodatabases.

As the underlying foundation of the mapping application, LandView consumes a state-wide cadastral Web service as well as detailed property value and tax information. LandView was conceived as an extensible, interoperable (XML) application that can be easily modified to cover any geographical area.

Additional mapping functions can be added rapidly to respond to the changing objectives of the local fire managers. LandView serves as a fire planning, response, and recovery information system and provides a FEMA-ready tool for calculating risk and potential property loss.

As a custom application, LandView and its associated mapping services deliver a cost-effective, decision-support system tailored to the demanding needs of the fire manager. LandView is the right tool at the right time. Affordable, easy-to-use, next-generation GIS services.

For more information regarding about how LandView can be easily applied and used to protect your community, please contact - GCS Research.

Mike Beltz
Director of Sales and Marketing
406-532-3255 (Facsimile)

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