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June 28, 2004
Press Release: GCS Research Partners With Digimarc - Announces Release of GeoMarc� for ArcGIS�

"... To deliver digital watermarking solutions to the geospatial industry."

MISSOULA, MT - GCS Research LLC, a Montana-based geospatial information technology company, and Digimarc™ Corporation jointly announced today they have integrated GeoMarc™ digital watermarking technology into ESRI's ArcGIS software applications for the GIS industry. This solution makes the innovative technology of digital watermarking available to GIS users through application extensions and Web-services compatible with the ESRI product lines.

The digital watermarking solution, GeoMarc™, is a family of products created by GCS Research under license from Digimarc for the geospatial industry. The GIS user can now easily take advantage of this powerful technology to identify and track their digital imagery products, as well as to add value through linking additional data and attributes to images regardless of the file format. GCS Research is also currently developing extensions for the Leica-Geosystems ERDAS product line.

"GCS Research is pleased to have established a strategic relationship with Digimarc," says Alex Philp, President of GCS Research. "We see the integration of Digimarc's core technology within the geospatial value chain as being vital to spatial data identification, tracking, security, and packaging solutions."

Digital Watermarking is a method of embedding information into an image in a way that is imperceptible to the user, but can be read by a computer. The digital watermark is used to identify the image, and link it to a variety of information. The digital watermark is not perceptible under normal use, but all the embedded data can be detected and understood by special GeoMarc™ software.

The core technology was pioneered and developed by Digimarc™ Corporation, who now holds more than 159 patents related to digital watermarking. GCS Research is a Digimarc™ business partner and value-added developer, and has developed the GeoMarc™ products as implementations of Digimarc's technology.

"We are excited to work with GCS Research as they bring GeoMarc™ digital watermarking solutions to ESRI GIS application users," said Andy Mallinger, director of digital imaging product marketing, Digimarc. "Digital watermarking solutions provide a number of compelling identification and security benefits to users of geospatial imagery. We are encouraged to see GCS Research bring GeoMarc™ solutions to this important vertical market."

When a GeoMarc™ user marks an image, they embed the image with a persistent identifier that can be used to track and identify the image or geospatial product throughout its life. In addition, the user is able to identify a number of resources and metadata attributes to link to the image. The linked data are automatically stored either locally or on a networked resource, depending on the user's configuration settings. When the marked image is opened at a later date, or distributed to other authorized users, that data can be referenced and used – even if the image was sent as a standard JPEG or any number of other formats that do not usually contain spatial attributes. Through GCS Research's GeoMarc™, the image becomes the gateway to embedded services, security profiles, identity tracking, and a variety of data communication applications.

For more information, contact Michael Beltz, Director of Sales and Marketing, GCS-Research, 1121 East Broadway Avenue, Suite 113, Missoula, Montana 59802 406-532-3254.

About GCS Research

GCS Research LLC specializes in geospatial information technology, providing an integrated range of products and services dedicated to making GIS technology easier and less expensive to use. Combining the software and data technologies of industry partners, GCS Research creates end-to-end geospatial solutions to meet the specific requirements of its customers. Across a broad range of industries, GCS Research clients use "distributed GIS" systems for decision-support, planning, communication, real-time analysis, commerce, intelligence gathering, and monitoring of complex environmental systems. To learn more, please visit GCS Research at

About Digimarc

Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC), based in Tualatin, Oregon, is a leading supplier of secure media solutions used in a wide range of security, identification and digital media content applications. Digimarc provides products and services that enable production of more than 60 million personal identification documents and driver licenses per year in 32 U.S. states and the District of Columbia and more than 20 countries. Digimarc's digital watermarking technology provides a persistent digital identity for various media content and is used to enhance the security of financial documents, identity documents and digital images, and support other media rights management applications.

Digimarc has an extensive intellectual property portfolio, with 159 issued U.S. patents with more than 3,000 claims, and more than 350 pending patent applications in digital watermarking, personal identification and related technologies.

The company is headquartered in Tualatin, Oregon, with other U.S. offices in Burlington, Massachusetts; Fort Wayne, Indiana; San Francisco, California; and the Washington DC area; and European offices in London. Please go to for more company information.