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July 2, 2002
Press Release: GCS Research LLC Joins ESRI Business Partner Program - Expands Customized ArcIMS Mapping Solutions

Missoula, Montana -

GCS Research, L.L.C. is pleased to announce that they have joined the ESRI Business Partner Program. As a geospatial information technology company, GCS Research specializes in providing customized Internet mapping applications utilizing ESRI's industry-leading ArcIMS platform. A relationship with ESRI enables GCS Research to expand its level of ESRI consulting services and incorporate more efficiently advances in the rapidly expanding field of Web-based geospatial systems.

GCS Research also provides integrated implementations involving ArcSDE, allowing its customers to manage and visualize spatial data in a relational database environment. Connecting ArcIMS Web-mapping applications and ArcSDE spatial databases, GCS Research develops a host of thin-client viewing tools that maximize the communication and exchange of geographical information.

Working as a partner with ESRI, GCS Research intends to expand its integration of image compression technologies, develop dynamic spatial data aggregation systems, and build geospatial nodes for its customers across ESRI's growing architecture. Building upon comprehensive ESRI's software platform, GCS Research connects people with interactive experiences of geographical information through a comprehensive suite of geomedia.

"We are extremely honored to become an ESRI Business Partner. At GCS Research, we pride ourselves in providing a level of excellence and individual attention to our customers who demand an expanding and complex array of GIS-based goods and services," says Alex Philp, President of GCS Research. "To accomplish this on a daily basis, we rely upon ESRI software, market vision, and consistent innovation to help us deliver our integrated solutions across a wide array of markets. We are most excited about ESRI's leadership in Web-based geographic applications and how GCS Research can propel valuable advances in this future."

"GCS Research is a valuable addition to the ESRI business partner network in the State of Montana," says Bryant Ralston, ESRI's Montana Account Manager. "I am looking forward to working with GCS Research in the state. They have demonstrated expertise in combining ESRI software with other technologies, notably LizardTech's MrSID and Microsoft's Active Server Pages, and I'm sure this will continue into the future."

With a select client list, GCS Research currently provides geospatial solutions and consulting services for the National Park Service's Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery II program, the Student Conservation Association's National Wildland Fire Program, Oxford University Press's Atlas of Global Change project, and the Missouri Botanical Garden's biogeography Web-mapping program. In addition, GCS Research is developing advanced Web-based imaging and mapping systems in association with NASA's remote sensing community, providing local and county governments with affordable, distributed geospatial networks, and working to develop effective GIS-related models associated with rural economic development across the American West. GCS Research is forging new partnerships with industry-leaders in intelligence applications, geospatial data security and tracking systems, and expanded 3D visualization environments involving georeferenced spatial data.

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"Connecting People with Geographic Information"SM

GCS Research, L.L.C. is a geospatial information technology company specializing in the research and development of integrated Web-based mapping and imagery solutions. Building upon the software and data technologies of our strategic industry partners, GCS Research creates custom applications and products to communicate geographic information across a diverse range of industries and media types.
GCS Research provides .NET-programming solutions for Web-mapping systems, delivers value-added remote sensing imagery from commercial and federal data providers, creates custom cartographic products, designs functional geodatabases, aggregates project-based data resources, and consults on enterprise GIS implementations. GCS Research builds the systems that allow your enterprise to transcend physical boundaries, connect interactively with your customers, and achieve your specific communication objectives. To learn more about GCS Research and how your organization can benefit from our services, please visit out website at or contact our main office: 406-721-6744 or email: GCS Research is headquartered in Missoula, Montana, a great place to live and fish.

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