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January 17, 2002
Press Release: GCS Research LLC Launches Operations

1-17-02 - Missoula, MT.

National Announcement:

GCS Research LLC announces its formation as a geospatial information technology company specializing in the research and development of interrelated Web-based mapping and remote sensing imagery solutions. Pioneering the concept of Geographic Communication Systems®, GCS Research assists private and public sector organizations in the multifaceted delivery of geographical information.

Our integrated solutions combine customized graphical user interfaces, dynamic data submission and extraction functionality, and project-based data consolidation. Utilizing industry-leading GIS, compression, and image processing platforms, GCS Research constructs Web systems that connect people with information through the Internet.

GCS Research benefits from recent advances in server- and client-side applications to facilitate the delivery of geoinformation anywhere, anytime. Such Web-based services allow our clients to easily share and access geographical and related content across distributed networks, removing historical obstacles to decision-making, analyses, and collaboration.

Designed to provide efficient and effective communication, our solutions create unprecedented opportunities for value-added digital services and processes across a range of industries.

Geospatial Solutions:

- Custom Web Applications and Data Services

- Systems Integration and Data Aggregation

- Project Consulting and Software Training

Utilizing integrated technologies from strategic partners, GCS Research provides a range of services in geospatial and related multimedia information systems.

GCS Research connects people with the geospatial information they need to make decisions regarding interactions within landscape systems. Pursuing multiple markets, GCS Research provides a value-added solution to organizations seeking to manage, structure and disseminate a host of environmental information collected from an array of data sources.

GCS Research helps your organization transcend the barriers to effective geographical communication.

406-721-6744 Main Office
406-532-3761 Project Lab
406-829-1817 Fax

GCS Research LLC is located in Missoula, Montana.