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GCS leverages the convergence of the cloud, analytics, and mobility to gather insights, optimize efficiency and increase profits.

Harnessing the power of the cloud allows us to design your customized geospatial solution in a secure, scalable environment. Tapping into the cloud with analytics and mobility creates the perfect storm to deliver information that's always on, and always there. Instant access to the precise answers you need transforms insights into action, and data into profits

real-time streaming analytics (RTSA):

analytics cloud mobile
    We develop and apply advanced algorithms to the complex data streaming from your organization to ensure the highest level of accuracy in calculations that save your business money and generate revenue.
    We craft and deploy solutions in the cloud to allow for unlimited scalability, and uninterrupted, always on access to the answers needed to move your enterprise forward.
    IBM Smart Cloud, Azure, EC2 and GCS network
    We understand that our clients need to access critical information from where ever business takes them; no matter what time zone they’re in, or which device they’re using. Our solutions work all the time, everywhere.